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Torkin Manes’ Sidney Troister Honoured with Osgoode Hall Law School Alumni Gold Key Award for Achievement

Torkin Manes is pleased to announce that the Osgoode Hall Law School Alumni Association has honoured our partner, Sidney Troister, with an Alumni Gold Key Award for Achievement, an award that so accurately reflects the numerous contributions and achievements he has made to the practice of law, mentorship and education of others, and advancement of legislation in Ontario.

Throughout his 40-plus years in practice, Sidney has achieved tremendous success as a lawyer, bencher, mediator, arbitrator, author, teacher, mentor, leader, legal influencer, trusted advisor and driving force behind legislative reform.

A leading and esteemed member and senior statesman of the Ontario Real Estate Bar, Sidney has devoted more than four decades of his illustrious law career at Torkin Manes LLP, where he is a senior partner with a practice that encompasses all manner of commercial and residential real estate matters, including assisting title insurers and lawyers across the province with rectifying real property title and transaction issues.

To complement his practice, Sidney prioritized giving back to the real estate and legal communities. Among his most impactful achievements was advocating, for more than two decades, changes to the complicated subdivision control provisions of Ontario’s Planning Act, which ultimately resulted in the 2022 game-changing amendments that would benefit property owners, lenders, real estate lawyers and agents, title insurers, and the general public in their ownership of land in Ontario. Also in 2022, the fourth edition of Sidney’s book, The Law of Subdivision Control in Ontario (the “Planning Act Bible” and a “must have” for every Ontario real estate lawyer), was published to reflect these important changes to the law. 

He is an excellent teacher and mentor, and leverages his intellectual capital as a means to pay his knowledge forward to benefit the profession and public. Sidney has written and presented dozens of papers and lectures throughout his career, and made a point of being at the forefront of major changes in the practice and law of real estate. He has also made significant contributions to the profession as a two-term LSO Bencher. 

Sidney exemplifies the highest standards of the Bar and beyond and has been repeatedly honoured throughout his career. Congratulations, Sidney, on another richly-earned achievement that testifies to the continued impact you’ve made to the legal profession and the public at large.

Osgoode Hall Law School Alumni Association’s Alumni Gold Key Award for Achievement is an award whose winners demonstrate a record of professional accomplishment, proven leadership and commitment in their chosen field, and recognizable contributions to Osgoode Hall Law School and/or the community at large. Winners will be presented with their awards at the Dean’s Annual Alumni Reception on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, at Osgoode Professional Development.