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We are dedicated to creating a supportive and enriching environment that will enable you to become an exceptional lawyer. As a top-ranked Ontario regional law firm with extensive expertise in a wide range of business and litigation practice areas, you will have the opportunity to work with clients on various issues at all stages of growth.

We also prioritize your growth and invest in your development to ensure mutual success. We provide resources, mentorship opportunities, and continuous learning initiatives to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge. Our commitment to your development is unwavering, as we believe that investing in you as an individual will ultimately benefit you and our firm.

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What We Look For

Our goal is to have you become our partner, and we’re proud that more than 50% of our lawyers, and 40% of our partners, articled with the firm. We seek energetic team players who are quick thinking, creative, confident, and always striving to go the extra mile to propose innovative approaches as we continue to provide exceptional personalized service. 

Our ideal students are:



We seek intellectually curious, pragmatic, and decisive individuals who think beyond traditional approaches, offer innovative solutions to legal problems, and effectively communicate and advocate for original ideas within the legal framework. We are focused on gaining an advantage in a competitive, high-growth marketplace, and we value diverse thinkers who can add value to our existing team.


Collaboration is at the core of Torkin Manes’ culture, enabling us to deliver exceptional legal services and achieve optimal client results. We embrace diverse perspectives, fostering a friendly and supportive atmosphere where our lawyers thrive. Collaboration extends beyond our team, encompassing clients, industry partners, and the legal community. By actively engaging, sharing insights, and working together, we harness collective intelligence to tackle challenges, provide tailored solutions, and stay ahead. Collaboration is more than a buzzword—it’s a core value driving our success.

L.Kantor Articling Students Torkin


Torkin Manes places utmost importance on client service, seeking exceptional communicators who possess strong listening skills, deliver straightforward and honest advice, and have a track record of providing crisp, clear, and actionable legal information. Being responsive, enjoying collaboration with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders, and working well with people are qualities that make you an ideal fit for our firm.


We seek passionate individuals committed to making meaningful contributions to the law, community and firm. Our lawyers actively engage in pro bono work, volunteerism, fundraising, and mentorship. We prioritize the success of clients and teammates by advocating for justice, equality, and legal reforms and empowering individuals through community outreach and education. Together, we make positive impacts by advancing legal knowledge and improving the legal system.


Critical Thinkers

We’re looking for critical thinkers, self-starters, and lawyers who are enterprising and industrious. If you can synthesize large amounts of information, critically evaluate and identify opportunities, anticipate challenges, and make informed recommendations to help our clients create and grow successful ventures, you’ll be a valuable asset to your clients and colleagues.

Articling & Summer Student Program

Our comprehensive program offers students a diverse and immersive experience to shape their career paths. The summer program is designed for second-year law students. It provides hands-on exposure to one of Business Law (including Corporate and Real Estate) or Litigation (Civil, Insurance Defence, Family Law, and Employment and Labour) from May to August.

Articling students rotate through both Business Law and Litigation and can expect to be engaged in client interviews, attend motions, examinations, and Small Claims Court trials, and participate in various corporate and real estate closings, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the legal practice.

Each articling student participates in our unique and exclusive Partner Intensive Program. For an intensive, one-month period, students are seconded to a Torkin Manes partner in a practice area of particular interest, to have an unparalleled opportunity to see, from the best seat in the house, how that partner conducts their practice. This opportunity gives students a new and fresh perspective of what it is like to conduct and build a successful law practice.

What To Expect

  • Practical and Experiential Rotations

    • Business Law Rotation

      During the business law rotation, students will be exposed to all aspects of corporate and real estate matters. They will assist in conducting research, drafting corporate documents, conducting of searches, and will assist with any and all steps involved in corporate transactions. In addition, students will be exposed to matters in the following areas:

      • planning and administration of estates and tax matters
      • secured transactions
      • not-for-profit & charities matters
      • technology, privacy & data management matters


      Litigation Rotation

      In the litigation rotation, students will be exposed to all aspects of the litigation lifecycle, including drafting court documents, conducting research, and the preparation of witnesses for examinations and trial. Students will actively participate in motions, settlement conferences, discovery work, arbitration proceedings, appeals, client and witness interviews, alternative dispute resolution services, and all types of court attendances. In this rotation, students will be exposed to work in the following practice areas:

      • Civil and commercial litigation
      • Construction litigation
      • Employment & Labour
      • Family law
      • Health law
      • Insolvency & Restructuring
      • Insurance Defence


  • Mentoring and Support

    • Torkin Manes emphasizes mentorship for both summer and articling students, ensuring they receive guidance and support throughout their term. Assigned mentors make themselves available to answer questions, provide direction, and offer advice. Students receive regular feedback and evaluations from their mentors and input from lawyers assigning their tasks. The mentorship at Torkin Manes encompasses both formal and informal aspects, including biweekly meetings to review progress and address concerns and informal sessions for real-world problem-solving.

      Summer and articling students benefit from the Mentor System, working with a lawyer in their assigned practice area while receiving instructions and supervision from the respective supervising lawyers for each file. Additionally, each student is assigned a mentor who maintains regular contact, offering an overview of the student’s experience, reviewing their work, and providing constructive feedback and criticism.

      Articling students also participate in Torkin Manes’ exclusive Partner Intensive Program. This program entails a one-month secondment to a Torkin Manes partner in an area of interest to the student, providing a unique opportunity to observe firsthand how the partner conducts their practice. This immersive experience offers valuable insights and perspectives on building a legal practice.

      Students will have the advantage of ongoing informal feedback throughout the duration of their time at Torkin Manes. Lawyers will conduct formal evaluations of articling students midway through, and at the end of, each rotation Summer students will receive a formal evaluation at the end of their term. 

  • Building Relationships

    • At Torkin Manes, we believe in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. While dedicated to our work, we understand the importance of fostering connections beyond the office. Throughout the year, we organize firm-wide social events that bring us together, allowing us to strengthen our relationships and get to know one another better. Additionally, we arrange special events exclusively for students, providing them with opportunities to relax, recharge, and bond with their peers.

      We prioritize the growth and development of our students, which is why our lawyers host weekly lunch seminars for articling students. These seminars focus on building substantive knowledge and honing essential skills. By participating in these sessions, our students gain exposure to the diverse practice areas within our firm and acquire the necessary tools to excel as exceptional lawyers.

      As an active participant in the community, Torkin Manes’ lawyers spearhead the firm’s involvement in various charitable fundraising events throughout the year to positively impact and contribute to causes that resonate with our firm’s values. 

How to Apply

2025/2026 Articling Student Recruitment

We will be recruiting for the 2025/2026 articling student positions in accordance with the Law Society of Ontario Recruitment Procedures. Applications for the 2025/2026 articling student positions are due on Friday, June 28, 2024 by 5:00 p.m. We anticipate hiring three students through this recruit. For more information regarding the 2025/2026 Articling Recruitment Procedures, please see 2025/2026 Articling Recruitment Procedures | Law Society of Ontario.  

2025 2nd Year Summer Law Student Recruitment

We will be recruiting for the 2025 second year summer student law positions in accordance with the Law Society of Ontario Recruitment Procedures. Applications for the 2025 second year summer law positions are due on Monday, July 22, 2024 by 5:00 p.m. We anticipate hiring four students through this recruit. For more information regarding the 2025 Summer Procedures, please see 2025 Toronto Summer Student Recruitment Procedures | Law Society of Ontario.

Please submit the following with your application package:

Resume, Cover Letter, Undergraduate Transcripts and Law School Transcripts. References are optional.

Address your cover letter to:

Lindsay Kantor
Partner, Director of Talent & Recruitment

Torkin Manes LLP
151 Yonge Street, Suite 1500
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 2W7

Please submit your application electronically through the viRecruit Portal. We prefer that all applications be submitted via the provided link. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Meet Our Team

  • Lindsay is responsible for the firm’s talent management strategy, working closely with the senior leadership team to advance all aspects of professional development at Torkin Manes. View bio
    Director of Talent & Recruitment

Meet Our Students


  • Who can apply?

    • We run a summer program for students who have finished their second year of law school and an articling program for those who have completed their third year. Both programs are hands-on and introduce students to all aspects of legal practice.

  • What is the compensation?

    • Torkin Manes’s summer and articling student salaries are competitive with other large downtown Toronto firms. Summer and articling students’ compensation is currently $1,900 per week.

      In addition to a competitive salary, articling students also receive the following:

      • Extended health and dental benefits
      • Life insurance
      • Two weeks of paid vacation
  • Will I receive mentorship?

    • Summer and articling students are assigned a mentor. You will receive regular feedback and evaluation from your mentor and direct input from the lawyers assigning tasks. Mentoring is formal and informal: there are biweekly meetings to review and record progress, but informal sessions can be held anytime to help with real-world problem-solving.

  • What is the Partner Intensive Program?

    • In addition, each articling student participates in our unique and exclusive Partner Intensive Program. For one month, you are seconded to a Torkin Manes partner in a practice area of particular interest to you. 

  • Does the firm have events for students?

    • Our lawyers hold weekly lunch seminars for articling students, emphasizing substantive knowledge and skill development. We also have firmwide and student-only social events.