Irv Kleiner interviewed by Canadian HR Reporter

Canadian HR Reporter

Irv Kleiner was interviewed by Canadian HR Reporter on vaccine mandates. 

There has been plenty of discussion when it comes to vaccine mandates, as employers looking to keep workers safe roll out mandatory policies.

But what’s still uncertain is how well these will stand up in court and arbitration. Two recent Ontario decisions in the labour relations space provide some insights – and hopefully takeaways for employers.

“In terms of predictability in the workplace, these are times that are probably the least predictable that we've ever seen. Prior to COVID, everybody was sort of clear on what the human rights landscape looked like, and the whole area of wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal; I think there was a fair bit of clarity. But when it comes to COVID and testing and vaccines, this is all new,” says Irv Kleiner, a partner in the Employment & Labour Group at Torkin Manes in Toronto.

“In many respects, a lot of the issues that we're dealing with now are issues that have arisen because of the science, and people's willingness or unwillingness to accept the scientific findings.”


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