• Build your business
    with Torkin Manes.

    Our full-service legal team seamlessly integrates cross-specialty expertise to provide strategic insights and exceptional service throughout the lifecycle of your business, advising on capital investments and M&A opportunities and all business-related issues—from real estate to cybersecurity to workplace law and more.

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  • Protect your family
    with Torkin Manes.

    Our lawyers focus on each client’s unique circumstances to help them successfully navigate the issues arising from separation, including property division, support and parenting. As your partners and advocates, we provide creative solutions to protect your interests and safeguard the future of your family.

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  • Accelerate your position
    with Torkin Manes.

    When disputes arise, Torkin Manes’ litigators are in your corner. Combative or collaborative, we champion our clients’ interests, assess the risks and impacts, and develop compelling strategic arguments that optimize the chances of favourable resolutions. 

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  • Preserve your legacy
    with Torkin Manes.

    Our lawyers guide you through matters related to business succession planning, trusts and tax structures, inheritance and charitable giving, and more to safeguard your business and family. 


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  • Develop your projects
    with Torkin Manes.

    Our construction and commercial real estate lawyers bring extensive industry and practical experience to help clients strategically and judiciously navigate the entire lifecycle of even the most complex projects.

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  • About Us

    Ranked the #1 regional law firm in Ontario, Torkin Manes offers a wide range of business and litigation legal services. Whether you are building and scaling a business, managing M&A transactions and private equity investments, planning for your family’s future or preparing for a trial, we provide practical, intelligent and strategic advice and advocacy to get you through critical junctures in your life.

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  • Why Torkin Manes

    At Torkin Manes, our lawyers prioritize developing a deep, personal understanding of our clients' needs. Our commitment extends beyond immediate legal matters, as we provide proactive care and astute, client-centric advice. With every deliverable, we ensure high-quality legal work and decisive solutions that foster trust. We offer personalized top-tier counsel, ensuring our clients’ interests remain at the forefront of everything we do.

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Explore Career Opportunities.

Looking for an opportunity to succeed? You’re looking in the right place. Whether you are an articling student, junior associate, partner or support staff, Torkin Manes offers an enriching professional, collegial and inclusive environment that celebrates the diversity of its people and helps each firm member maximize their potential to achieve the greatest success in their role.

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Notable Topics

  • AI & Technology

    Critical to the success of any business today is understanding and using technology effectively and keeping up-to-date with the constant evolution of complex laws and regulations governing AI and other emerging technologies. 
  • Cannabis in Canada

    Having been at the forefront of this rapidly growing and accelerating industry, our team is well-equipped to inform you on any aspects related to the industry - organization, raising capital, licensing, retail, M&A, listing on a recognized stock exchange - and more. 
  • Data Privacy & Security

    With the growth of electronic/mobile commerce and data storage, privacy, cybersecurity and data management issues have become major factors of doing business in Canada and around the world.
  • Landlord & Tenant Issues

    Whether you're looking for information on the purchase and sale of property, real estate financing, commercial leasing, lease review and negotiations, or other real estate-related queries, we've got you covered.
  • Not-for-Profit & Charities

    While not-for-profits and charities can be as wide-ranging and complex as their commercial counterparts, they operate in a different legal framework due to their special tax status and compliance requirements. 
  • Separation & Parenting

    When confronted with divorce, the stakes are high and the process is difficult, requiring considerable thought and balance when protecting children’s best interests, safeguarding financial information, structuring parenting arrangements, and more.
  • Trials & Appeals

    In business and every day life, conflicts inevitably arise, forcing involved parties to contemplate their optimal process to resolve them. When disputes cannot be resolved by a negotiated settlement, other forms of dispute resolution will need to be considered. 
  • Workplace Law

    Workplace laws are complex and balance the need for innovation, efficiency and the protection of employees. Executives, managers and HR professionals must handle constantly changing E&L legislation.