Peter C. Straszynski quoted in Human Resources Director on vaccine passports

Human Resources Director
Peter C. Straszynski was quoted in Human Resources Director on vaccine passports. 

Vaccine passports were introduced recently in Ontario, raising yet more questions around whether or not employees themselves had to register for a certificate. Speaking to Peter Straszynski, partner at Torkin Manes, he told HRD that a refusal to comply would only raise more questions for employers than answers.

“Objections based on grounds protected by human rights legislation may require accommodation by the employer to the point of ‘undue hardship’,” he told HRD. “Where an employee’s objection is based on a reason that does not reflect a legally protected ground, employers may choose to terminate employment for non-compliance, but they should reasonably expect that such a termination will be ‘without cause’ and will require payment of appropriate termination pay in the circumstances.”

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