Thomas Oakes

Director of Information Technology

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Thomas Oakes

Thomas Oakes has a lengthy background in information technology and a passion for optimizing the intersection of law and technology, which plays a pivotal role in enhancing the firm's operational efficiency. Throughout his career, Thom has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in network management, cybersecurity, application development and SaaS solutions.

In his role, Thom has been instrumental in ensuring the firm is equipped with the most updated technological infrastructure, including the latest hardware and applications. He also plays a significant role in fortifying the firm's cybersecurity measures, safeguarding sensitive client data and ensuring compliance with the latest data protection regulations. Thom continuously explores innovative IT solutions to streamline operations and provide lawyers with the tools they need to deliver exceptional legal services. 


Credentials & Affiliations

  • Memberships
  • Member, The Law Office Management Association (TLOMA) 
  • Member, International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)