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Lindsay Kantor to speak at Prosecuting and Defending Professional Discipline Cases 2021

Lindsay Kantor will be speaking at the Osgoode Professional Development program, Prosecuting and Defending Professional Discipline Cases 2021 on April 19, 2021. 

Professional discipline hearings are serious matters. For the professional, years of education, experience, reputation and livelihood are all on the line. For the licensing body and its counsel, there’s pressure to vigorously protect the public interest and to respond to allegations of misconduct, incompetence or incapacity in a fair, effective and timely manner.

You need to have an in-depth and up-to-date grasp of the key areas:

  • Assessing duties and powers
  • Duty of good faith, neutrality and reasonableness
  • The professional’s duty to co-operate and its limits
  • Internal investigations, privilege, and privacy obligations
  • Documentary requests and production
  • Challenging the adequacy of disclosure to the respondent
  • Delay/abuse of process: how long is too long?
  • The standard of practice: battle of the experts
  • The hearing: evidence and its presentation, penalties, costs and settlement
  • Dealing effectively with concurrent criminal and civil proceedings
  • Court challenges to professional discipline decisions
  • Ethical and professional issues for counsel in professional discipline cases

For more information or to register, please visit the Osgoode Professional Development website.