Insolvency, Restructuring & Debtor/Creditor Litigation

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The insolvency process in Canada is essentially a litigation process—and a complicated one, to say the least. At Torkin Manes, we have highly experienced and talented litigators who bring to the table the full suite of skills that our clients frequently require throughout the complete insolvency process from beginning to end. We know and understand the Companies’ Creditors Arrangements Act and the federal Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act like the back of our hands and have acted on behalf of a wide range of clients whose businesses operate across various industries and sectors.

Torkin Manes’ team of commercial litigators specializing in insolvency law have a comprehensive understanding of not only the nuances and complexities associated with these high stakes matters, but also the key components of our clients’ businesses and the industries in which they operate. To help our clients maximize their chances of a successful outcome, our team employs two key elements: first, we collaborate with our clients and all their relevant professional advisors to prepare a clear-eyed and strategic business, marketing, sales, downsizing, rightsizing or investment plan, or a combination of those elements. Once that plan is finalized, our accomplished litigators rigorously prepare for the hearing and quickly get to the bottom of what the case is really about, leaving no stone unturned. Regardless of the forum, clients can count on us to be consistently steady, poised and articulate. We think on our feet, exercise sound judgment and adeptly present the persuasively complex set of facts as they pertain to applicable legal principles before whichever judicial body our clients’ cases take us.

As a reflection of our vast experience and knowledge on all types of insolvencies and restructurings, our insolvency litigators possess an uncanny ability to consistently provide insight into the decision-making process in the boardroom that brought the company to its current state, and can often predict, with great accuracy, how a Court will react to a given argument or set of facts. Keeping our clients’ best interest top of mind, our insolvency team is committed to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them until the end to ensure they achieve the best results possible.