Advising the Family-Owned Business

Thomson Reuters, Canada Law Book, loose leaf service publication; first published in 1999, with annual updates

Assistant Editor and Contributing Author: Sandra Jackson
Contributing Authors: Risa Awerbuck, Jeffrey I. Cohen, Violet French, Sammy Redlick

This looseleaf service is designed to assist the professional advising the family-owned business in legal matters. It explores the main stages in the life of the business from its start-up to its operation and any alterations in its structure and/or participants.

Inside find a spectrum of legal information for the family-owned business including valuable legal insight and expertise on:

  • Use of trusts in a family-owned business
  • Tax issues to consider in forming a new trust
  • Putting different children in different roles
  • Estate freezes
  • Incapacity planning
  • Use of personal or family holding companies
  • Intergenerational gifts or bequests
  • Different types of insurance and their purposes

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