Sudevi Mukherjee-Gothi speaks to the Law Times about the genetic privacy bill

The federal government has signaled it will be referring a public bill by the Senate on genetic privacy directly to the Supreme Court of Canada once it has been given royal assent. 

In a Law Times article published on April 24, 2017, Torkin Manes lawyer Sudevi Mukherjee-Gothi weighs in on the bill, which criminalizes the illicit sharing of genetic information and adds genetic characteristics as a prohibited ground for discrimination under human rights and federal labour laws:

“I think it’ll be up to the court to determine whether or not they’re going to take a wait-and-see approach to see how the law will govern us,” says Sudevi Mukherjee-Gothi, a partner with Torkin Manes LLP. 

Mukherjee-Gothi says the move to refer the bill to the SCC will mean the court will be in a position to make a decision about determining the relevance of information contained in medical histories in future cases.

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