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Jeffrey Cohen featured in Law Times on legal trends lawyers should expect in 2022

Law Times

Jeffrey Cohen was featured in Law Times on legal trends lawyers should expect in 2022.

The managing partner at Torkin Manes LLP says a law firm’s knowledge and objectives must be explicit in its hiring processes to connect with lawyers and show why joining the company will be a good career decision. In an interview about trends in the legal profession, corporate lawyer Jeff Cohen says onboarding and integrating employees will be an ongoing challenge in 2022.

“Historically, you met with someone, they liked you, you liked them, talked about money, and you were done. Now it’s we like you, you like us, we agree on money, and the firm next door says, oh, we like you, you like us, but we’ll pay whatever it is plus $5,000.”

“I see 2022 as being a little bit more predictable and steadier with fewer peaks and valleys.”

“We need to get people to the office, then implement a permanent hybrid scenario,” he says, “We’re going to give our people flexibility.”

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