Announcing Ally Law – a new platform for delivering international legal services

Torkin Manes is proud to be a member of Ally Law – a global network of law firms committed to delivering sophisticated international legal services with a systematized/formalized emphasis on client service and value.

Ally Law builds on the foundation of the International Alliance of Law Firms, a longstanding network of independent firms operating around the world. In the course of the Alliance’s 25 year history, member firms have developed deep trusted relationships with each other.

The launch of Ally Law represents the network’s further commitment to providing an alternative global legal services model – maintaining individual firms’ independence while offering the highest client service standards and competitive pricing strategies.

Ally Law enhances the value of this network by imposing global client service standards, including ongoing client satisfaction measurements. Members of the network are carefully vetted and are subject to ongoing quality control monitoring process to ensure that our standards are always maintained.

Torkin Manes was a founding member of the International Alliance of Law Firms and we are excited to be part of this new initiative.

We have built our firm from the ground up by understanding our clients’ needs and by being results-oriented, practical, smart, cost-effective and responsive. Our involvement in Ally Law allows us to support our clients in achieving their international ambitions while maintaining our high client service standards.

Torkin Manes lawyers also provide Canadian legal services to a wide variety of clients who are referred through the Ally Law network. The Ally Law network includes more than 60 independent firms operating in 42 jurisdictions. Law firms in the network offer a full range of business law services and have strong experience in key industries.

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For more information on Ally Law, please visit the Ally Law website.