Lisa Lifshitz to speak at The Osgoode Certificate in Privacy and Cybersecurity Law

Osgoode Professional Development

Lisa Lifshitz will be speaking on best practices for privacy and security in the Cloud at The Osgoode Certificate in Privacy and Cybersecurity Law on May 3rd.

What you’ll learn from this program: 

Focused on the practical, this unique Osgoode Certificate is designed for privacy, cybersecurity and information technology law lawyers, industry professionals and executives. Designed for working professionals, and delivered over five modules, you will explore topics related to data privacy laws and regulations in Canada, best practices against cyberattacks, understanding privacy policies, managing risks associated with the disclosure of business and personal information, the future direction of data protection and information privacy law, and more throughout the program.

You will engage with likeminded professionals and instructors – all leaders in the industry – and get the practical knowledge and skills you need to respond to new and unexpected privacy and cybersecurity incidents in a timely manner.

Other topics include: 

  • How to confidently navigate data privacy laws and manage data privacy risks
  • Develop best practices for ensuring resilience against cyberattacks
  • Recognize the relationship between privacy, cybersecurity and risk management across various industry sectors
  • Draft privacy policies and understand the role and importance of these
  • Identify and manage risks associated with the collection, use and disclosure of business and personal information
  • Apply the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to different business practices and technologies
  • Discuss future directions in the evolution of data protection and information privacy law
  • Assess potential legal liability stemming from privacy and security breaches and design appropriate responses
  • Evaluate the current Canadian legal framework for consumer privacy protection
  • Identify the key sources of law applicable to the internet as a decentered, community-standards focused network system
  • Understand the role of tort lawsuits for individual consumer privacy violations

For more details, visit the Osgoode Professional Development website.